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Welcome to Real Food, Real Frugal

Hi! I’m Rachael! We created this site to share ways to save money in the kitchen and on the grocery bill.

About three years ago, I was laid off from my job. This is when I really took a hard look at my monthly budget looking for ways to save. I was shocked at how much I was spending at the grocery store. I am always amazed at how much food costs and how all those little trips really add up.

But I have learned this is the easiest place to cut back. Thankfully I went back to work a few months later, but the experience shook me & taught me some valuable lessons. Now I am so much more aware of the money I spend on a weekly basis.

On this site, we share many of the tips we have learned over the last few year years.

Money-Saving Tips in the Kitchen

  • How to cut back on the cost of groceries
  • Products that we use to keep food fresh longer
  • Using home remedies instead of expensive over the counter products
Author Jane Thompson
Janet Thompson – Canning & Frugal Cooking Consult

Plus Easy Healthy Recipes that don’t cost you a fortune to make.

These are the kind of recipes your grandmother used to make. Simple with basic food and not a lot of fuss. You won’t find any over complicated or processed ingredients on our site, just good basic food they way we really should be eating.

Did you know cooking with real food is often much less expensive than buying processed food in a box? We hope you will enjoy our site and return often to check out the new recipes and share them with your friends and family.

Thanks for visiting & happy cooking!