making your own fruit rollups in a dehydrator

Make Your Own Applesauce Fruit Leather In The Dehydrator

Making fruit leather with applesauce is one of the easiest ways to make your own snacks with a dehydrator.


We only need three things to get started.

1. Applesauce: I choose Mott’s applesauce. I selected the no-sugar one with no extra ingredients. It has only apples, water, and ascorbic acid, that’s a perfect combination for fruit roll-ups.

2. Dehydrator with Fruit Leather Sheets: I used the Garden Master Pro with the fruit-rollup sheet that came with my unit.

3. Air-tight Container: I selected a glass jar. You can use any container as long as it has an air-tight seal. 

Motts applesauce next to dehydrator and tray

Step By Step Instructions: Making Fruit Rollups With Applesauce

Making your own fruit leathers with applesauce is a healthy and frugal way to make a better version of the store-bought fruit rollups that are filled with preservatives and are kind of pricy.

Here are the five steps to make them.

Step 1: Spread the Applesauce

pouring applesauce on a dehydrator sheet

Pour the applesauce onto the tray. I added about half the 23-ounce jar. Then spread it with the back end of a fork to make sure it’s even as possible.

Try to make sure you can’t see through any sections. This is a good way to be sure you have even coverage. At the end, give it a little shake to help it even out. 

Step 2: Turn on the Dehydrator

Set the temperature to 135 degrees and turn the machine on. 

I use the Dehydrator Bible to check the timing for fruit leathers, which is 4 to 8 hours. Every machine is a little different based on its style and power. In my GardenMaster, it takes about 5-6 hours. 

Time on Garden Master dehydrator for applesauce

Step 3: Test For Doneness

Sure enough, in 5-1/2 hours, I checked the, and the top was dry to the touch. 

Let your fruit roll-up cool for just about a minute or two in the dehydrator. You’ll want to roll it when it’s still warm. 

Step 4: Roll It Up & Cut Into Pieces

Removing dried applesauce from dehydrator tray

Peel off one of the edges and start to roll it up.

The dehydrator sheets that come with the Nesco garden master worked perfectly, and the finished product just slid right off.

Note: I tested this process with parchment last week. While it was OK, it was a little harder to peel off. It was also a little messier and spilled off the edge into the dehydrator. The lips of the fruit roll-up sheets prevent this from happening.

When I finished rolling the fruit about halfway, I cut it with my kitchen scissors. Then divide each half into thirds.

rolled applesauce fruit leather - cut in half

Roll up the second half and cut it into three pieces. 

The result was six roll-ups from about 10-12 ounces of applesauce. You can, of course, make them bigger or smaller based on your family’s preference.  

Leave the rolls in the dehydrator (or on a plate) to fully cool while rolled up – about 10 minutes. I like to leave them inside, then close the lid.

finished applesauce fruit rollups cut into pieces

Step 5: Store Your Dried Applesauce Fruit Leather

I placed the roll-ups right in the same glass jar I stored the apple chips. 

You can also opt to roll them in parchment paper and tie them, as I’ve seen other folks do. 

These homemade fruit leathers only last for a week at most in my house before they are all gone & it’s time to make more!


Making fruit roll-ups at home is super easy. Whether you are making them for yourself or the kids, everyone can appreciate how easy the recipe is. 

If you do have kids at home, this is also an excellent snack for them to make themselves. And you get the benefit of a super healthy and affordable treat!

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